IKAZZ has a strong sense of brand awareness and always insists on independent design and development of its products. Adhering to originality is our attitude and belief. It may means we have to modify, recreate and polish many times before launching just one product. But it is a manifestation of our responsibility to ourselves and our customers. Only original can make progress. Only original can survive.

IKAZZ regards quality as the core competitiveness. Design is the initial aspect to win the favor of consumers while quality is the decisive factor. To be reliable means, for all items, we think highly of the quality, that is, they must stand wear and tear. Also, we believe that customers value not only clothes, but also service. Providing reliable service indicates that we will strictly check every link before sale as well as respond to your needs in time after sale.

Losers only make up a variety of reasons while winners are always full of positive energy. Keeping optimistic is our secret of facing new challenges and creating new heights with lots of confidence. To be optimistic, of course, is not to ignore the shortcomings of IKAZZ or the dissatisfaction voice of our customers. It is making efforts to solve problems together and believing we can do better instead of shirking responsibility. After all, if we lose faith ourselves, then whoever will believe that we'll be a success? 

Internally, we have excellent superiors who take a panoramic view of the development of IKAZZ and make clear objectives. They lead a team with high executive power to manage the operation, market, logistics, design and so on in an orderly way. Externally, we hope to become a powerful clothes brand in China and connect closely with the world. Be rooted in China and face the world.