What is softshell?

Softshell literally means “soft shell” and indicates a category of technical fabrics, it is made from woven fabric, making it a warm layer that brings comfort without the restriction of other materials. And the material is water-resistant, highly breathable, high-performing and lasts a long time. Softshell usually has been created for use in outdoor sportswear, such as skiing and hiking.

However, we believes that softshell should not only be suitable for outdoor sportswear. It can be suitable for more occasions. What’s more, it can also become a clothing with fashionable elements. Thus, we has made some improvements in the characteristics of the ordinary softshell jackets. In tailoring, it is more neat and generous. Different from straight version of outdoor clothing, we incorporated a waist design which is more fashionable and femme-presenting. And we has also added the design of removable hood to some styles. With one single piece of clothes, get multiple choices. In materials, we unprecedentedly uses softshell bonded velvet instead of fleece. These improvements of IKAZZ Softshell Anorak make it more daily and more coziness for urban commuting.

In IKAZZ, we care about

• Keep warm :

With softshell bonded velvet fabric on the inside, velboa is more intimate, delicate and warmer than fleece, with higher comfort. When the weather is colder, it can warp you better and bring you more warmth.

• Water-repellent:

Similar to the lotus leaf surface, we improved the outer fabric, it is not easy to absorb water, it’s water-repellent.

• Wear-resistant:

The outer fabric is 100D TWO SPANDEX, which has a tight, delicate and neat texture and good durability. In addition, the processing strengthen the edge, it is not prone to break and other problems.

• Windproof:

Use composite fabric, tight and windproof.

3-Layers construction fabric

• Water repellent polyester

The outer layer is in high density water repellent polyester, which provides the garment with good resistance to external agents, with rain or snow.

• Breathable membrane

The middle layer is instead a breathable membrane, allowing moisture to escape, without stagnating or wetting the interior, thus you will not be stuffy.

 • Thermal material

The inner layer is made of softshell bonded velvet, which ensures good thermal insulation and is pleasant to contact with skin. It’s cozy, soft and warm.

Velboa vs. Fleece

Softshell bonded velvet is a new type of bonded fabric made of functional fabric and velboa.

Velboa: Velboa (faux fur fabric) is made from 100% polyester, making it tough-wearing and highly durable. It features a snugly and soft texture of maximum comfort and warmth.

Fleece: Fleece is usually created from polyester (which comes from plastic). Because of the structure of the fibers, fleece is extremely warm.

In contrast, velboa is softer and more skin-friendly than fleece. Because the fiber structure of fleece is not firm and close enough, air can easily get in and out, velboa is much warmer.